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How to deal with this situation?(silk garments turn yellow)

May. 09, 2019 | 10:59:06

How to deal with this situation?(silk garments turn yellow)How did real silk clothings become yellow to do

A friend to say the real silk fabrics that takes out from inside chest besides can crinkle besides still have the likelihood to become yellow, especially white or the real silk clothing of light color, so, real silk clothing becomes yellow how to do? Don't be afraid, there are tricks to deal with shared by 100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer.

Method 1: this is from a client of mine who loves silk so much that we talked about how to deal with the problem of yellow silk clothing. Her solution is simple but effective: put a basin of water, drop of blue ink in the water mix, and then put the yellow clothes into the bubble for about 10 minutes, dry after white.

Method two: this is a method that I hear, everybody can try. Soak the yellow silk clothes in clean rice washing water. Change the water once a day and the yellow color will fade after three days. If there are yellow sweat stains, you can wash the wax gourd juice. And you can try it out for yourself.

100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer

Method 3: this is the method I used. The reason that real silk turns yellow is nothing more than by sunshine intense illuminate or be soaked by the filth such as sweat be soiled yellow. Sweat is soiled wait for filth to be able to wash through common catharsis go, how should be the hair yellow of sunshine intense illuminate handled? You can buy in the supermarket contains bleach or marked with "color bleach", "oxygen bleach" and other words of the silk laundry liquid, the specific brand will not give you the amway, this kind of laundry liquid has a certain bleaching function, according to the packaging instructions on the silk clothing treatment.

Three methods, are relatively simple and practical, I hope to love silk friends helpful.

That's all for the sharing,and our factory supply silk charmeuse fabric China,if you have any demand,welcome to purchase our products!

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