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What Silk Fabrics Are Used In Different Garments? (1)

Aug. 28, 2018 | 12:00:00

Silk fabrics are widely used in the use of clothing, and the variety of silk used in different fabrics is also very much. Here we introduce the silk fabrics suitable for various garments.

When it comes to silk fabrics, the first garment is naturally cheongsam.

Chinese women have a special liking for cheongsam, cheongsam can be elegant, sexy, and can be a good woman's beautiful lines, so on many major occasions, some women choose to wear cheongsam. Generally, cheongsam is made of cotton and silk, but if you are attending a major occasion and want to wear a little more comfortable, you will choose to use silk fabric to make cheongsam.

So which silk fabrics can be used as cheongsam? Silk silk is the most used, most of the silk cheongsam is made of Crepe Satin Plain, soft and docile, can definitely show the feminine beauty. Of course, you can also use jacquard satin, the dark pattern above, more elegant. In addition, you can also use silk silk satin, which is more sturdy than plain satin, easier to shape, and can hold up cheongsam very well.

The lining is generally made of Silk Habotai. Silk lining is generally preferred for electric spinning, comfortable fabrics, and reasonable price is also the first choice for lining.

Crepe Satin Plain

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