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Bleaching And Dyeing Of Silk

Dec. 24, 2018 | 04:49:39

The steps in which Custom Print Silk Fabric is made can be divided into 8 steps, the most important of which are bleaching and dyeing.

1. Bleaching The degummed silk fiber should be bleached to remove the natural pigment. Otherwise, when dyed in a light color, the color of the finished product changes due to the presence of natural pigments. Silk can be bleached by oxidation or reduction of various bleaching agents. A process in which silk is bleached with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a catalyst has been reported. Thiourea dioxide is a reduced bleaching agent which has a low BOD and COD value and can be used as a low-pollution non-toxic bleaching agent. However, compared with the insurance powder, although the powder is heavily polluted, it is still used in large quantities. TDU is limited in its application due to its high price. 2. Dyeing After the white silk of the white color is refined, it enters the dyeing stage. Dyeing is a process in which dyes and silkworms, silks, etc. are chemically reacted to allow the silk to be dyed in various colors. Since silk is a protein fiber and is not alkali-resistant, the dyeing should be carried out in an acidic or near-neutral dyeing solution. Mainly used for silk fabric dyes are: acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes and vat dyes. The color dyed with the acid dye is relatively bright, and the dye is washed with a cationic fixing agent to improve the washing fastness of the product. Reactive dyes have good wash fastness on silk. The method of dyeing the fabric varies with the type of the fabric. For example, the Custom Crepe De Chine  and yarn fabrics are dyed with rope dyeing or overflow jetting, while the spun, silk and satin fabrics are spread or dyed with a flat panel.

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