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How Does A Silk Scarf Show Feminine Charm?

Oct. 29, 2018 | 03:52:45

Silk scarf around the law one:

(1) First, the silk scarf is tied into a knot, tied to the neck, keeping the silk scarves long and short.

(2) Tie the short one into a bow.

(3) Pull the side of the bow into the knot and pull it out. Finish it and finish it.

Silk scarf method two:

(1) First fold the silk scarf along the long side, and standardize the fold, but outward.

(2) Place the silk scarf on the chest and open the knot in the middle.

(3) Then turn the front part of the scarf out, and then put it on your shoulder.

Silk scarf method three:

(1) First place the silk scarf on the neck of the neck, then loosen the knot on the short side, remember to be loose. 

(2) Then fold the long side in half.

(3) The folding accordion pleats from top to bottom after folding.

(4) Then grip the organ pleats and insert them into the knots on the short side.

(5) Open the organ pleats and arrange them into a petal shape, which is complete!

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