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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Silk Fabric?

Nov. 24, 2018 | 12:00:00

There are many ways to classify silk fabrics, one of which is genuine and imitation.

Today we will talk about the distinction between good and bad of authentic silk fabrics. Generally speaking, silk fabrics are good or bad in two aspects. One is silk, the other is dyeing process.

First of all, silk surface, general grey silk is divided into four grades: first-class dyeing blank, second-class spray painting (digital printing), third-class watermarking, fourth-class confusion printing.

Silk is a natural fabric, the raw materials are very different, the worse silk is woven on the surface there are wool spots, faults, etc., basically every meter has problems, while the fabric is also much thinner, because of the pattern reasons, it is not easy to find carefully. But all the problems of pure color fabrics are exposed, so generally pure color fabrics are dyed grey silk to operate, so as to ensure the outstanding quality. But the key is that some suppliers do printing and dyeing, which inevitably leads to poor printing grey silk dyeing, thus reducing the cost.

Another thing about dyeing process, dyeing process is divided into many kinds, and now the highest technology is radial axis spray dyeing. Now we all use this process to dye. The advantages are obvious. 1. There will be no damage to the fabric. 2. There will be no difference between the left and right sides of the fabric (traditional low-end dyeing, the left and right sides of the fabric will be shallow). 3. There will be no end of the fabric.

So good fabrics, especially pure color fabrics suppliers, look at three points:

1, is it genuine?

2. Do you specialize in dyeing?

3. Whether to spray with radial axis.

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