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What Are The Tips For Storing Silk Clothing?

Dec. 15, 2018 | 12:00:00

Customized Silk Garment is comfortable and charming, and has always been loved by the world. Next, 100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer  will secretly tell you a few tips for collecting silk clothing.

1. Before silk clothing collection, it needs to be thoroughly washed and dried, and packed in white cloth or plastic bag. This can prevent wind printing, avoid yellowing of white silk clothing, and also play a role of moisture and dust.

2, silk clothing and wool clothing, after drying, must be cool and then collect.

3, silk clothing should be easily collected with the easy to worm fur, wool clothing, if subject to conditions, can not be divided, must also be wrapped with cloth or plastic cloth, so that they are separated. 4, silk clothing is generally light and thin, easy to be squeezed out wrinkles.

5, silk clothing is best stored separately, or placed on the upper layer of the suitcase.

6. Silk is a kind of natural fiber, which needs to be “ventilated”, so it should not be stored in plastic bags for a long time.

7, color silk clothing, especially colorful clothing, should not be stored with white silk clothing.

8, tussah silk clothing should not be stored with silkworm silk clothing to avoid cross-color.

9. Silk garments must be hung with hangers to prevent the pile from being deformed and affecting the appearance.

10. The hangers used for hanging silk garments are preferably made of plastic. If bamboo and wood hangers are used, a white cloth or white paper should be placed on the horizontal bar that touches the clothes.

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