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What Is Heavy Crepe De Chine ?

Nov. 09, 2018 | 05:47:02

Heavy Crepe De Chine, in general terms, refers to silk fabrics with a high number of meters. A thick and silky silk with multiple latitude and longitude lines and latitude reinforcing enamel, the style is similar to double scorpion, but it is much richer than the double scorpion, at least 4 times the thickness of the common 02 scorpion. In fact, it is a thick type of double-necked, relatively thick, suitable for a variety of clothes with a certain shape of summer close-fitting, good drape.

Heavy silk generally refers to a strong glutinous glutinous cultivar with a combination of multiple latitude and longitude lines.

The main features of the silk are: the surface has fine and even wrinkles, the texture is soft, smooth, bright and soft, flexible, comfortable, cool, breathable, and the silk is heavier than the georgette. The shrinkage rate is large, about 10%. According to its characteristics, it should be disposed of by the following methods:

1. When washing, pay attention to avoid using ordinary soap, but apply neutral detergent; don't force it vigorously, don't use brush; wash it after washing, otherwise it will be easy to appear flower and stain; Dry it flat, it is not advisable to iron it with iron to avoid rolling wrinkles.

2, usually wear, should pay attention to avoid contact with the rough surface, to prevent hooking hair, damage wrinkled tissue.

3. When stacking, place it in the box and do not hang it for a long time. Because the silk clothing will be hung by the effect of gravity, the concave and convex shape and the stretched state of the fabric will be damaged.

Similar fabric: tourmaline, Chiffon Georgette 40m/m (mmi)

Heavy Crepe De Chine

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