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What Silk Fabrics Are Used In Different Garments? (2)

Aug. 31, 2018 | 12:00:00

What are the silk fabrics that are suitable for dresses?

For evening dresses, everyone has a certain impression of elegance, fashion and quality. In the choice of evening dress fabrics, we always want to choose some high-quality fabrics, and silk fabrics just meet these characteristics, so now more and more People choose to use silk fabrics to make high-end evening dresses.

Silk fabrics suitable for evening dresses are similar to fabrics made of silk skirts, but generally thicker ones of the same type of silk are selected to enhance the high-grade fabric. Then stretch satin is also an option for evening dresses. 5% spandex plus 95% Mulberry Silk is a fabric that is elastic and more conformable, which can better display the beautiful curves of women. In addition, recently a fabric is often used to make evening dresses, high-end ready-to-wear, that is elastic double Joe. This fabric has no dazzling luster like plain satin. Some are just a touch of pearl luster, and there is no squeaky sensation. It is smooth and looks very high-end.

Wedding dresses are a great use of silk fabrics. There are also many silk fabrics for wedding dresses, such as Su Ku satin, Taff, organza, chiffon and so on. Su Ku Satin is also called the Duchess satin. He has almost all the characteristics of plain satin. The only difference is that the Su Ku satin is stiffer than the steel bone. It is not as soft and boneless as the enamel, so the wedding dress is more three-dimensional. sense. The picture below 3 is the effect of a wedding dress made by Su Ku Satin.

Gauzy Organza is a fabric that is more familiar to everyone used to make wedding dresses. The traditional name is silk silk. It is light and stiff, clean and transparent. It is generally used as a layer of tulle that covers the outside of the wedding dress. Produces permanent creases, so it is also packaged in rolls. The picture below 1 is the effect of organza for wedding dresses.

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