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The characteristic of real silk fabrics

Apr. 29, 2019 | 12:00:00

Features of silk fabrics:

The characteristic of real silk fabrics one, comfortable. 100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer shares that silk is a protein fiber composition, with good biocompatibility with the human body, with a smooth surface combined, the human body stimulation is all types of fiber with the lowest coefficient of friction, only 7.4%. Therefore, when our delicate skin and silk want to meet will have a unique soft, according to the human body curve, so safe and considerate of our every inch of skin.

The characteristic of real silk fabrics two, hygroscopicity. Enrichment silk amino (-chnh) number fibrin, amino (-nh2) and other hydrophilic groups, also due to its porosity, easy to water distribution, so it can absorb water in the air or water supply, and maintain a little water. In the normal temperature, it can help the skin to maintain a certain amount of water, do not make the skin too dry, summer clothes, and sweat and inhibit the rapid release of heat in the body, let a person feel very cool. It is this kind of performance that is more suitable for direct contact with human skin, so that we can use it as clothing, not only beautiful but also comfortable.

Silk is not only a better heat dissipation performance, as well as good insulation. It is insulated in its porous fibre structure. In silk fibers, there are a lot of very fine fibers. Therefore, the solid 38% silk appearance is actually hollow, which has a big gap, preventing the air heat distribution, so that the silk has good insulation.

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Characteristics of silk fabric three, heat and sound absorption, dust. Silk fabrics has bigger porosity, have good sound-absorbing, this also is why, besides the production of dress, also be like when real silk carpet is decorated indoors at the same time, the adornment such as tapestry, curtain, wall paper is made with silk room setting, can make the dust of the house reduces not only, also can keep its quiet room. Because silk has hygroscopicity, dehumidification performance and moisture-proof performance, inspiratory resistance and porosity, can adjust the temperature, but also can be harmful gas, dust, microorganism absorption.

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