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What Are The Risks Of Dyeing Silk Fabrics?

Oct. 25, 2018 | 05:52:26

One of the risks of Silk Charmeuse Fabric dyeing: the choice of dyeing factory

There are many silk fabric dyeing factories, but each factory has different strengths. Although they all say that all their silk fabrics are strengths, they cannot fully believe them.

The risk of dyeing silk fabrics: the choice of dyes

Generally, we generally know which dyes are good and which ones are not so good. We choose different dyes according to customers' requirements to maximize customer benefits. The layman will go to the partial letter dyeing factory, high-end products low-end dyes, low-end products, high-end dyes or dyeing fees are very high, or the dyeing effect can not meet the requirements.

The risk of dyeing silk fabrics: the risk of grey fabric

Dyed Silk Garments generally require the use of dyed blanks for processing, and the dyed blanks do not have certain objective criteria. Generally, the fabrics are subjected to internal operations. All fabrics are subjected to picking and then color separation, although they are all white, but after color separation. The dyed finished product can guarantee its authenticity rate to the utmost extent.

So if you want to dye silk fabrics, be careful to choose the best results.

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