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How To Wash Silk In Winter?

Sep. 30, 2018 | 11:42:28

Compared with hot days, there are more things to be aware of when washing Silk Charmeuse Fabric in winter, but many people don't think so. It is too late to find that the silk has been washed out.

1, detergent selection:

It is generally not advisable to use chemical detergents for silk fabrics. If it is underwear or contains dirty stains, it is recommended to wash it with a neutral bath. If you must use soap and other detergents, be sure to choose neutral premium soap tablets and advanced synthetics. Do not use alkaline detergent! Alkaline can be said to be the number one killer of silk, which will cause the silk to become hard, brittle, yellow, faded, etc.!

2, scrubbing method:

Silk fabric is not as strong as pure cotton chemical fiber fabric. Any silk fabric can't be machine washed. When washing in the home, it must be hand-washed, and it can't be used. If it is particularly dirty, it can be wiped gently with a soft towel and wash. Don't wash it!

3. Control of water temperature:

High water temperature is the second killer of silk fabric, so when washing, do not use hot water to soak because of the cold weather, be sure to use cold water at normal temperature, even with warm water can not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, and can not soak for a long time! Otherwise, it will cause the silk to become yellow or fade. If you use hot water and soak for a long time, you will even dye the whole pot of water in serious cases!

4, the magical use of vinegar:

As mentioned above, alkaline is the number one killer of silk, and acidity can protect silk very well. In the final cleaning, if a small amount of vinegar can be added to water, it can not only prevent the hardening of silk, but also cure dyes. Silk is dyed with acid dyes, so vinegar can make clothes brighter!

5, the final drying:

Silk Jacquard Fabric is poor in light fastness and absorbs ultraviolet rays for a long time, which causes yellowing and hardening. Therefore, when drying, you must avoid strong light, and the clothes should be placed in the shade in the opposite direction. When drying to 80 or 90%, remove the iron with a medium-low temperature iron to keep the gloss of the clothes unchanged and durable. When ironing, avoid spraying water, avoid frontal ironing, so as not to cause water stains. At the same time, be careful not to dry the silk clothing by baking, to avoid the bad temperature of the fire source, it is not safe.

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