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The Difference Between Hand Embroidery And Machine Embroidery

Oct. 31, 2018 | 12:00:00

Hand embroidery is a traditional Chinese handicraft. It has a long history in China, and hand embroidery has been included in the protection of China's intangible heritage. With the development of the process water level, the machine embroidery process has gradually become popular, and the technology of machine embroidery has been continuously improved. If you don't understand the hand embroidery, it is difficult to distinguish the machine embroidery from the artificial embroidery from the surface. But the value of hand embroidery and machine embroidery varies greatly from the same embroidery work. So what are the differences between the two?

First, the choice of materials and materials are different. The thread for hand embroidery is a thread made of silk, commonly known as "flower line", with a natural luster, and has a small hair on the light; the thread used for machine embroidery is made of chemical fiber, compared with the silk thread. Its line is smoother.

Second, the use of different lines. The thread made of natural silk by hand embroidery can be separated. Because of the process, the thread embroidery of different thickness is needed in the process of embroidering. If you look closely, you will find that the thickness of some lines is different; the process of machine embroidery The thread cannot be broken, so the thickness of the thread it embroidered is the same, lacking flexibility and being relatively rigid.

Third, the stitches are handled differently. Hand embroidery, embroidered mother can not achieve the same length of each needle when embroidering; machine embroidery is usually the same stitch, no change.

Fourth, the applicable patterns are different. The artificial embroidery pattern is widely used, and almost any theme can be embroidered; while the machine embroidery is computerized and fixed, most of which are large patterns such as oil painting or hand landscape, so the overall effect is better. .

5. The back of the embroidery is different. Hand embroidery, embroidery mother degree is better, so the stitching on the back of the embroidery is very small; the back of the machine embroidery is a dense line of connection, the machine embroidery is 

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