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[Silk fabric supplier]Style and use of silk fabric

Jun. 10, 2019 | 11:17:23

Style and use of silk fabric

100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer  shares that a lot of customers come to buy silk fabrics, come up to ask "how much is your silk fabric meter?" . Well, to tell you the truth, once you hear a similar question, you know that the other side is basically white. Pure silk fabrics have a lot of breed, different breed has different ply again below, after same ply, have different door frame again, some breed have 3 door frames even.

Breed is the mainest factor that decides style of pure silk fabrics.

There are many varieties of silk fabrics. In terms of composition, it is mainly divided into pure silk and blended fabrics, which are not discussed here. Tatting class complete real silk fabrics of the most common is real silk crepe satin and silk crepe DE chine, real silk georgette, silk habotai, silk chiffon, silk doupion silk, silk organza (silk gauze), silk double Joe, concerning crepe, silk jacquard silk, silk taffeta, {sang pu} satin, brocade, etc, and elastic crepe DE chine silk stretch satin, silk, silk elastic georgette, silk elastic double Joe, strictly speaking elastic silk fabrics should be blended class, but because of this kind of fabric silk content over 90%, so traditionally classified as complete real silk fabrics.

100% Pure Silk  Manufacturer

Different breed is different style, applicable range is different also.

Such as bed category of pure silk fabrics with the most is true silk crepe satin and silk elastic satin, generally with 19 m above, pillowcase can use 16 m; Dress can choose silk crepe DE chine, silk elastic crepe DE chine, silk double Joe, silk elastic double Joe, silk qiqi, silk qiqi, silk chiffon, recently heard of useful silk electric power spinning, may become a new trend; For outerwear, use true silk crepe satin and silk crepe DE chine with 30 mm or more; Silk scarves can choose silk georgette, silk chiffon, silk haffon, genuine silk crepe satin, etc. Eye mask can choose genuine silk crepe satin, silk habutai; Shawls generally choose genuine silk plain crepe satin, silk elastic satin; Embroidery can choose genuine silk crepe satin, silk organon, silk haffon, etc. The curtain generally USES the true silk plain crepe satin to compare many; Precision instrument wipe cloth can be used true silk crepe satin, silk electric power spinning, silk crepe DE chine.

Breed of pure silk fabrics is more, need to choose the pure silk fabrics with different kinds, different thicknesses and different door widths according to different USES.

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