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How To Maintain Silk In Winter?

Nov. 19, 2018 | 12:00:00

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose silk clothing in dressing, the more the silk products are bought, the more maintenance, it becomes a big problem, especially the winter when the Silk Garments is used at a relatively low frequency.

In general, silk clothing collection care should be taken care of: avoid light, ventilation, do not press, away from chemicals that can damage protein tissue.

Let's talk about light: silk clothing is very afraid of glare. Strong sunlight will not only make silk fabrics brittle, but also make clothes fade and darken. This is like someone who doesn’t usually sunbathe. After a day in the sun on a violent sunny day, the skin will become red and even peeled off after a day of play, because it is sunburned. So be sure to avoid strong light when storing silk clothes.

Let's talk about ventilation: silk fabric has good hygroscopicity. If the ventilation is not smooth, the clothes are easy to absorb moisture and dampness, and mildew spots, especially in the high temperature and high humidity season, clothes should be taken out frequently and ventilated. Winter silk clothing must be dried before storage, otherwise the wardrobe has good ventilation and it is easy to damage.

Then say no pressure: Custom Made Silk Fabric is a protein fiber, wrinkle resistance and resilience are not as good as chemical fiber, which determines that we have to stack silk clothing into the wardrobe, or wait until the next time you wear it, only heartache The share. Since silk clothing is generally soft and difficult to lay flat, it is recommended to hang it up for storage. However, if it is a heavy-duty or heavy-duty fabric made of fabrics with good sag, and it has its own elastic silk clothing, it is best not to hang for a long time to prevent deformation of the clothes. It is best to stack these silk clothes and put them on the top of the wardrobe to avoid permanent imprinting.

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