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How To Store Silk Clothing?

Sep. 14, 2018 | 03:41:31

Protected from light: Silk Garments are very afraid of strong light. Strong sunlight will not only make silk fabrics brittle, but also make clothes fade and darken. Therefore, you must avoid the light when storing silk clothes.

Ventilation: Silk fabric has good hygroscopicity. If it is not ventilated, the clothes are easy to return to the tide, and mildew spots, especially in the high temperature and high humidity season, the clothes should be taken out frequently and ventilated.

Do not press: Silk clothes are easy to crepe, and because they are too soft, it is difficult to lay flat, so it is usually stored and stored. However, it is best not to hang long-term clothes with double-twisted or georgette-like fabrics that are more sloppy, to prevent the clothes from becoming longer. In this way, the clothes are best stacked and placed on the top of the wardrobe to prevent permanent smashing.

Chemicals: Because silk fabrics are natural protein fibers, don't use them with mothballs when you store them. Do not spray any sprays or other sprays because protein fibers are relatively fragile and are stored with these chemicals for a long time. It is easy to cause discoloration of the fabric.

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