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What Is Silk Georgette?

Nov. 16, 2018 | 12:00:00

Today, let's talk about another variety in silk - Silk Georgette. It is a product made of silk and silk, and its content is 100% silk. The georgette is characterized by softness, lightness and is a kind of yarn.

The main specifications of the georgette are 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, and then a thicker heavy Joe is 22 m, almost the fault in the middle. The width of the door is generally 90, 114 and 140. The main purpose of Joe's is to make a scarf, especially 8 m Micho, which is very suitable for silk scarf, very light and elegant. Of course, georgette can also be used for clothing, but it is generally necessary to use a double layer, if necessary, add a lining, because it is too thin. Of course, you can also use Joe's to make some long skirts, which can reach the feeling of "sin" that some forest girls like, and of course they need to be lined. In addition, heavy Joe can be used to make pants.

Finally, let me talk about Joe's shrinkage problem. Because Joe is a strong smashing fabric, its shrinkage is very high, can reach 10%, and even some can reach 12%. Therefore, customers who want to buy Joe's fabrics must reserve the number of meters in the shrinkage rate in advance. Of course, some China Silk Georgette Supplier can also provide pre-shrinking, mainly to see customer needs.

Silk Georgette

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