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Choose Different Silk Pajamas For Different Seasons

Nov. 03, 2018 | 12:00:00

Silk Pajama are chosen in the summer because they tend to sweat frequently during the summer, while cotton pajamas are breathable and hygroscopic without silk pajamas. The biggest feature is that it absorbs moisture from the air when your skin is dry, and helps to drain when you sweat. Breathable is very strong, making people feel cool.

The thickness of silk pajamas in spring and summer should be below 19 m, and pajamas over 19 m are more suitable for winter use. The 19m meter pajamas are the best choice for summer and represent the highest quality. The vertical and elegant sense of 19 meters is the best, and it can show the unique charm of silk. Moreover, it is not easy to open the line in the underground of 19 m. In the autumn and winter season, you should choose a pajamas of about 30 m, which will have good warmth and beauty.

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