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How To Choose The Right Material For Silk Skirt?(part 3)

Apr. 13, 2019 | 03:35:45

How To Choose The Right Material For Silk Skirt?(part 3)

Silk dress -- double Joe

Silk Pajama Manufacturer share with you that:

Contracted small dress skirt, it is elegant, high, the synonym of style, concise and easy beauty

Its beauty needs no multifariousness and no embellishment

Round collar straight skirt, precision cut shape, comfortable wearing degree

Elegant and charming

Classic black and white, simple design

Get a circle black, contrast combination, outside rich detail, show a face small light age

The white and black body adopt golden proportion

Enhance the visual perception, contrast with a tall and slim figure


Fabric: 100% mulberry silk weight double Joe

1. In the silk fabrics double Joe is a very personalized varieties, luster between crepe satin plain and crepe DE chine, that is, double Joe is not as dramatic as crepe satin plain, but not as low-key as crepe DE chine.

2. Double Joe is better than crepe DE chine in feel. Crepe DE chine feels a little rushier because of its special surface crepe, while double Joe has a flat surface, so it is more smooth and soft, even with the illusion of softness.

2. In addition to excellent hand feel, should say double Joe suspension.

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