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The Difference Between Tussur Silk And Mulberry Silk

Sep. 12, 2018 | 05:48:39

The silk is formed in the same way as the Tussur Silk, and is a protein fiber obtained by solidifying the silk liquid secreted by the silk gland in the silkworm through the silking mouth. Their preparation methods are also roughly the same: the silkworm cocoons are subjected to screening, scouring, peeling, silking, reshaping, etc., and finally a certain size of silk is produced. The difference is that the silk is made of silkworm cocoons, while the silk is made of silkworm cocoons. The silkworm is artificially cultured, mainly using mulberry leaves, which are mostly distributed in southern China; while the wild silkworms are wild stocking, mainly using eucalyptus leaves, and the main producing areas are in the north of China, and the tussah silk is spread on the ancient silk road in China. Silk is a natural protein fiber. After scouring, most of the sericin and impurities that affect the hand can be removed, showing that the silk fiber is elegant, soft and smooth.

The silk is delicate and feminine, and the silk is elegant and luxurious. The main features of the two are compared as follows:

1. The single fiber denier of Mulberry Silk is about 2.5-3.0 denier, and the tussah silk is about 5.5-6 denier, which is about 1/10-1/20 of the hair silk. The silky gum content of mulberry silk is more than that of tussah silk, which is easy to handle. Although the silk gum of tussah silk is small and contains natural pigment, it is difficult to handle.

2. After scouring, the silk is delicate, smooth and soft, with a white color and elegant luster. Due to the inclusion of natural pigments, tussah silk has a light yellowish brown color after being bleached and treated. It has a jewel-like luster and its hand feel is slightly inferior to that of mulberry silk, but its slipperiness and bulkiness are better than that of mulberry silk.

3. The cross-section of the tussah silk fiber has many capillary pores and is a porous structure. The silk is dense and has no pores (pictured). In general, fibrous materials with a porous structure have certain advantages in terms of moisture absorption, fluffiness and warmth, and the tensile strength is better than that of mulberry silk, and the corrosion resistance, light resistance, hygroscopicity and the like are also better than that of mulberry silk. it is good.

Tussah silk textile products are strong in rigidity, strong in acid and alkali resistance, natural in color, coarse in fiber and good in warmth. They are the first choice for silk quilts and silk carpets.

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